It’s no secret that rewiring a house is not a quick and easy job, as electrical cables run throughout your home to provide power to every room. As such, people often wonder how long it takes to rewire a house.

Some rewires will take longer than others. An occupied property will take longer than a empty property. A typical 3 bedroom occupied semi detached with plaster repairs can take between 2-5 days. A typical 1 bedroom empty top floor flat without plaster repairs can take 1-2 days. Timescale varies and will depend on the electrical specification, and overall size of the property.

It is generally not recommended to live in a house while it is being rewired. A full rewire is a messy, disruptive job and be also be dangerous with open floorboards and trailing cables and power leads. It is best to find somewhere else to reside while the work is being done. This will let the electricians carry out the rewire in a safely and quicker manner.